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Ptolemy: Quiz


Question 1: Its list of forty-eight ________ is ancestral to the modern system of constellations, but unlike the modern system they did not cover the whole sky (only the sky Hipparchus could see).
ConstellationCanis MajorCruxTaurus (constellation)

Question 2:
How is Ptolemy described?
Indian astrologer and astrological writer
geographer, astronomer and astrologer
American astrologer, astrological writer
British astrologer and astrological writer

Question 3:
Where was Ptolemy born?
probably Egypt
probably Wales
Probably England

Question 4: This also is a compilation of what was known about the world's geography in the ________ during his time.
Roman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireRoman RepublicByzantine Empire

Question 5:
When is Ptolemy's birthday?
c. 213 AD
347 AD
c. 970 AD
c. AD 90

Question 6:
When did Ptolemy die?
c. AD 168

Question 7: If, as was not uncommon, this Roman was the emperor, the citizenship would have been granted between AD 41 and 68 (when ________, and then Nero, were emperors).

Question 8: [8][10][11][12] He was often known in later Arabic sources as "the Upper Egyptian",[13] suggesting that he may have had origins in southern ________.

Question 9: It is known that a world map based on the Geographia was on display in Autun, ________ in late Roman times.
FranceUnited KingdomItalyCanada

Question 10:
When was Ptolemy born?
circa 1522
circa 1505
circa 1867
circa 90

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