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Psychoticism: Quiz


Question 1: Eysenck also argued that there might be a correlation between psychoticism and ________[1] .
Immanuel KantArthur SchopenhauerGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelCreativity

Question 2: Psychoticism is believed to be associated with levels of ________ (Lester, 1989).

Question 3: Psychoticism is one of the three traits used by the psychologist ________ in his P-E-N model (psychoticism, extraversion and neuroticism) model of personality.
Carl JungHans EysenckRaymond CattellSigmund Freud

Question 4: High levels of this trait were believed by Eysenck to be linked to increased vulnerability to ________ such as schizophrenia.
PsychiatryMajor depressive disorderPsychosisEating disorders

Question 5: Other biological correlates of psychoticism include low conditionability and low levels of monoamine oxidase; beta-hydroxylase, cortisol, norepinephrine in ________ also appear relevant to psychoticism level.
Arachnoid granulationCerebrospinal fluidMeningesChoroid plexus


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