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Question 1: Freud believed the fixation persists into adulthood and underlies the personality structure and psychopathology, including neurosis, ________ and personality disorders.

Question 2: The phallic stage extends from about three to five years of age, and the ________ associated with it as the area of the genitals.
PenisClitorisVulvaErogenous zone

Question 3: Psychosocial development
Psychic apparatus
Id, ego, and super-ego
Ego defenses
Henri BergsonConsciousnessGottfried LeibnizIdea

Question 4: Whereas the boy would develop a castration anxiety , the girl would go on to develop ________, envy felt by females toward the males because the males possess a penis.
Feminist theorySigmund FreudPsychoanalysisPenis envy

Question 5: Scientifically minded researchers have criticized Freud's statement, in his ________ paper, "On Narcissism," that "It is impossible to suppose that a unity comparable to the ego can exist in the individual from the very start".
Serbia1914World War IUnited States

Question 6: The fear that the father will object to the boy’s feelings is expressed by the id as fear that the father will ________ him.
PenisCastrationEunuchICD-9-CM Volume 3

Question 7: For example, Freud stated that young females develop "________" toward the males during their psychosexual development.
Penis envyFeminist theorySigmund FreudPsychoanalysis

Question 8: In response, ________, a German Freudian psychoanalyst, argued that young females develop "power envy" instead of "penis envy" toward the male.
Karen HorneyAlfred AdlerCarl JungSigmund Freud

Question 9: Despite their popularity among psychoanalytical psychologists, Freud's psychosexual theories are commonly criticized as being ________.

Question 10: The major conflict of this stage is called ________, the name deriving from Oedipus, who killed his father and unintentionally slept with his mother.
Electra complexSigmund FreudOedipus complexCarl Jung

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