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Question 1: In modern literature, the Death in the ________ novels often performs the role of psychopomp.
Discworld geographyDiscworld charactersTerry PratchettDiscworld

Question 2: In the DC comics universe, speedsters are led to the afterlife (or in this case, ________) by a psychopomp known as the Black Flash.
Speed ForceFlash (Jay Garrick)Flash (comics)Flash (Barry Allen)

Question 3: In the anime and manga ________, Botan acts as a psychopomp as the ferrywoman of the Sanzu River, guiding souls to the afterlife (most notably Yusuke Urameshi).
YuYu HakushoFullmetal AlchemistRurouni KenshinNaruto

Question 4: In many cultures, the ________ also fulfills the role of the psychopomp.
ReligionMircea EliadeShamanismPolytheism

Question 5: In the TV series Reaper, the character Sam Oliver acts as a psychopomp, capturing and returning escaped souls to ________ on behalf of the devil.
HeavenHellAfterlifeIntermediate state

Question 6: Sparrows as psychopomps play a notable role in ________'s novel The Dark Half.
Stephen KingThe Stand'Salem's LotThe Dark Tower (series)

Question 7: Enma Ai of the anime series ________ acts as a psychopomp, ferrying grudged-upon souls to Hell.
Animax AsiaHell GirlArea 88Animax

Question 8: Whipporwills feature prominently as malign psychopomps in many works of ________, perhaps most notably in The Dunwich Horror.
H. P. LovecraftLovecraftian horrorS. T. JoshiCthulhu

Question 9: Compare Virgil's role in ________’s Inferno.
Peter AbelardDante AlighieriPope John Paul IICatholic Church

Question 10: Frequently depicted on funerary art, psychopomps have been associated at different times and in different cultures with horses, Whip-poor-wills, ravens, dogs, ________, owls, sparrows, cuckoos, harts and Yamatoots.
Common RavenCorvidaeCrowCorvus (genus)

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