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Psychonaut: Quiz


Question 1: The most common of these is ________, which is classified as a deliriant, not as a psychedelic.
AtropineSolanaceaeScopolamineDatura stramonium

Question 2: Many attempt to not only remember their dreams, but engage in ________, in which one is consciously aware of their state while dreaming.
Sleep paralysisHypnagogiaLucid dreamSleep

Question 3: Some ________ and dissociatives commonly used by psychonauts include:
DeliriantPsychedelic drugPsychedelics, dissociatives and deliriantsPsychoactive drug

Question 4: Some of its most popular and recognizable forms include ________ (from Vipassana to Dzogchen), Daoist cultivation (native Chinese), Vedantic (Hindu) and Kabbalistic (Jewish) insights and methods.
BuddhismBuddhist meditationSamadhi (Buddhism)Householder (Buddhism)

Question 5: ________, a combination of MAO inhibitors and DMT
MDMAAyahuascaPsychedelics, dissociatives and deliriantsDextromethorphan

Question 6: Psychonaut is a modern term used to describe one who uses trance technologies and, more specifically, mind-altering substances, more for their ability to act as ________ than for their inebriating (or social) effect.
Psychedelic drugEntheogenPsychedelics, dissociatives and deliriantsPsilocybin mushrooms

Question 7: When ________ depicts the Tibetan Buddhist master as a Psychonaut (Inner Revolution: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Real Happiness) this is an appropriate use of the term.
Thich Nhat HanhChögyam TrungpaRobert ThurmanSogyal Rinpoche

Question 8: The term is often associated with ________ practices; however, many distinguish between the mental/spiritual exploration of the psychonaut and healing-oriented shamanic practice.
Judeo-PaganismNeoshamanismSlavic NeopaganismNeopaganism

Question 9: ________ is often used individually, or in combination with many hallucinogens to amplify and extend the experience.
CannabisScopolamineAmitriptylineMandrake (plant)

Question 10: ________ is often employed for purposes of grounding and centering one's self, to set one's focus and intentions, and to instill a conception of the significance and depth of psychonautical practice.

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