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Psychometrics: Quiz


Question 1: However, the origin of psychometrics also has connections to the related field of ________.
Cognitive behavioral therapyPsychophysicsPsychologyMathematical psychology

Question 2: Predictive or concurrent validity cannot exceed the square of the ________ between two versions of the same measure.
Correlation and dependenceNormal distributionPearson product-moment correlation coefficientVariance

Question 3: The second major topic covers standards related to fairness in testing, including fairness in testing and test use, the rights and responsibilities of test takers, testing individuals of diverse linguistic backgrounds, and testing individuals with ________.
Disability rights movementBlindnessDisabilityMental disorder

Question 4:
Psychometrics, Grade (education) and College and university rankings are all:
Psychological testing Branches of psychology Applied psychology Educational assessment and evaluation

Question 5:
Psychometrics, Intelligence and IQ and the Wealth of Nations are all:
Psychological testing Applied psychology Educational assessment and evaluation Branches of psychology

Question 6: More recently, ________[7] and path analysis represent more sophisticated approaches to solving this problem of large covariance matrices.
Regression analysisMaximum likelihoodLinear regressionStructural equation modeling

Question 7: This definition was introduced in the paper in which Stevens proposed four ________.
MedianMoment (mathematics)Range (statistics)Level of measurement

Question 8: In addition, Spearman and Thurstone both made important contributions to the theory and application of ________, a statistical method developed and used extensively in psychometrics.
Factor analysisLinear regressionSAS (software)Eigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspace

Question 9:
Psychometrics, Asperger syndrome and Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are all:
Educational psychology Applied psychology Educational assessment and evaluation Psychological testing

Question 10: Other approaches include the ________, which is defined as the ratio of variance of measurements of a given target to the variance of all targets.
Correlation and dependencePearson product-moment correlation coefficientRonald FisherIntraclass correlation


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