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Question 1: ________ is the subdiscipline that is concerned with the development of psychological theory in relation with mathematics and statistics.
Mathematical psychologyCognitive neuroscienceCognitive psychologyEducational psychology

Question 2: Cognitive psychology was subsumed along with other disciplines, such as philosophy of mind, computer science, and neuroscience, under the umbrella discipline of ________.
Cognitive scienceArtificial intelligenceCognitionPsycholinguistics

Question 3:
Psychology, Rani Lakshmibai and Revelstoke, British Columbia are all:
Behavioural sciences Greek loanwords Neuroscience All pages needing cleanup

Question 4: Experiments are one of the primary research methods in many areas of psychology, particularly cognitive/psychonomics, mathematical psychology, psychophysiology and ________/cognitive neuroscience.
Dissociation (neuropsychology)NeuropsychologyMemoryBehavioral neuroscience

Question 5: This perspective is commonly referred to as the ________ approach.
Major depressive disorderBiopsychosocial modelMedicineClinical psychology

Question 6:
Psychology, Schizophrenia and Philosophy are all:
All pages needing cleanup Behavioural sciences Greek loanwords Neuroscience

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  An example of an item from a cognitive abilities test used in educational psychology.
  The common chimpanzee can use tools. This chimpanzee is using a stick in order to get food.
  A rat undergoing a Morris water navigation test used in behavioral neuroscience to study the role of the hippocampus in spatial learning and memory.
  Wilhelm Wundt (seated) with colleagues in his psychological laboratory, the first of its kind. Wundt is credited with setting up psychology as a field of scientific inquiry independent of the disciplines philosophy and biology.

Question 8: programs in quantitative psychology been formed), and it loosely covers the longer standing subfields psychometrics and ________.
Educational psychologyMathematical psychologyCognitive psychologyCognitive neuroscience

Question 9: Psychology began adopting a more clinical[2] and experimental[3] approach under medieval Muslim psychologists and physicians, who built ________ for such purposes.
Anti-psychiatryEmergency psychiatryPsychiatric hospitalPsychiatry

Question 10: "study of the soul" or "study of the mind")[1] is an ________ and applied discipline which involves the scientific study of human (or animal) mental functions and behaviors.
Academic degreeHumanitiesUniversityAcademia

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