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Psychohistory (fictional): Quiz


Question 1: The concept of psychohistory also appears in the ________ (銀河英雄伝説, Ginga Eiyū Densetsu) by Yoshiki Tanaka.
Legend of the Galactic HeroesScience fictionOriginal video animationAnime

Question 2: On September 25, 1987, Asimov gave an interview to Terry Gross on her ________ program, Fresh Air.
Radio DisneyNational Public RadioFox Sports RadioESPN Radio

Question 3: praxeology, the foundation for the real ________ of economics, that attempts to discover synthetic a priori economic laws valid for all human action
Ludwig von MisesFriedrich von HayekAustrian SchoolLew Rockwell

Question 4: ________, the real sociology sub-field that applies statistical mathematics and other quantitative approaches such as social network analysis to micro- and macro-social phenomena
Economic sociologyComputational sociologyMathematical sociologyHarrison White

Question 5: ________, the real economics sub-field trying to discover long-run trends in human behaviour (the equations of the Prime Radiant)
Real versus nominal value (economics)Economic historyHeterodox economicsEconometrics

Question 6: In Asimov's Foundation series, humans form the only sentient race that developed in the entire ________ Galaxy.
Virgo SuperclusterMilky WayGalactic CenterLocal Group

Question 7: Prelude to FoundationForward the FoundationFoundationFoundation and EmpireSecond FoundationFoundation's Edge________
Earth (Foundation universe)Foundation seriesFoundation and EarthR. Daneel Olivaw

Question 8: Hari SeldonDors VenabiliSalvor HardinHober MallowThe MuleArkady Darell________
Foundation universe charactersList of minor Foundation universe characters
List of Foundation series charactersList of minor Foundation universe planetsEarth (Foundation universe)Trantor

Question 9: ________, the real (non-fictional) study of the psychological motivation of groups in historical and current events
EmotionPsychologySigmund FreudPsychohistory

Question 10: Essentially, generations immediately after a major crisis event (stock market crash, civil war, world war) will be unwilling to live through such events again and will be ________.
EconomicsExpected utility hypothesisRisk aversionBehavioral economics


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