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Question 1: Other psychoanalytic schools include the Kleinian, ________, and Winnicottian schools.
Slavoj ŽižekJacques DerridaJean-Paul SartreJacques Lacan

Question 2: ________ is an update and revision of structural theory that does away with some of the more arcane features of structural theory (such as where repressed thoughts are stored).
David HumeConflict theoryUtilitarianismAnarchism

Question 3: Freud's insistence, in the first chapter of ________, that philosophers will recoil from his theory of the unconscious is clearly a forbear to Derrida's understanding of metaphysical 'self-presence'.
Sigmund FreudPsyche (psychology)The Ego and the IdPsychoanalysis

Question 4: Lacanian psychoanalysis is a departure from the traditional British and American psychoanalysis, which is predominantly ________.
Ego psychologyOtto RankAnalytical psychologySigmund Freud

Question 5: An increasing amount of empirical research from academic psychologists and ________ has begun to address this criticism.
PsychiatristPsychiatryPsychotherapyEmergency psychiatry

Question 6: During adolescence, ________ (1950–1960s) described the "identity crisis," that involves identity-diffusion anxiety.
Sigmund FreudErik EriksonJean PiagetDevelopmental psychology

Question 7: Therefore, it is not uncommon to encounter obsessive-compulsive schizophrenics, panic patients who also suffer with ________, etc.
Major depressive disorderBipolar disorderBorderline personality disorderSchizoid personality disorder

Question 8: However, the unconscious is now a popular topic of study in the fields of experimental and social psychology (e.g., implicit attitude measures, ________, and PET scans, and other indirect tests).
Magnetic resonance imagingFunctional magnetic resonance imagingContrast-enhanced ultrasoundMedical imaging

Question 9: Besides classical psychoanalysis there is for example psychoanalytic ________.
PsychotherapyCognitive behavioral therapyFamily therapyIntegrative psychotherapy

Question 10: According to ________, Martha was upset with her husband's work and his treatment of sexuality.
Lucien BonapartePrincess Marie BonaparteNapoleon ICaroline Bonaparte

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