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Question 1: ) is a fighting arcade game created by Taito which was later ported to the ________ in 1996.
PlayStation PortablePlayStation 2PlayStation 3PlayStation

Question 2: In 1999 a sequel was released under the title Psychic Force 2012 also for the arcade, and was ported for the ________ console.
Sega SaturnDreamcastMega DriveSega

Question 3: The gameplay in Psychic Force revolves around the ________ genre, with the addition of psychic powers and a battleground of cubic space defined by a magical force field.
Beat 'em upFighting gameLight gun shooterPlatform game

Question 4: There was also a ________ style puzzle game released that was known as Psychic Force Puzzle Taisen, this game was never released outside of Japan however.
Puzzle BobbleBubble BobblePuzzle De PonPuzzle Bobble 4

Question 5: The PlayStation version was released by Acclaim in ________, and in PAL regions.
South AmericaAmericasAmericas (terminology)North America

Question 6: In 2006 in Japan, all three games were released together as an anniversary pack for the ________.
Sony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation 3PlayStation PortablePlayStation 2


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