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Psychedelic therapy: Quiz


Question 1: Proponents of psychedelic therapy also believe psychedelics enhance or unlock key ________ abilities, and so make it easier for conventional psychotherapy to take place.
Sigmund FreudAnalytical psychologyCarl JungPsychoanalysis

Question 2: As such, it is more closely aligned to transpersonal psychology than to traditional ________.
PsychoanalysisAnalytical psychologyPsychotherapySigmund Freud

Question 3: In Czechoslovakia, ________ developed a form of treatment that appeared to bridge both of these main forms.
Ken WilberStanislav GrofJames Mark BaldwinSex, Ecology, Spirituality

Question 4: A study by Charles Grob, sponsored by the Heffter Research Institute, used ________ with cancer patients, with the intention of helping them come to terms with their condition, and for pain relief.
Lysergic acid diethylamidePsilocybinMDMADimethyltryptamine

Question 5: Bill Wilson, the founder of ________, reported that his experience with LSD closely resembled the spiritual transformation that led him to overcome the compulsion to drink.
Higher PowerAlcoholics AnonymousSelf-help groups for mental healthTwelve-step program

Question 6: Though usually viewed as predominantly spiritual in nature, elements of psychotherapeutic practice can be recognized in the entheogenic or shamanic rituals of many ________.
CultureFamilySlaveryHuman rights

Question 7: However, in many countries, anyone is entitled to adopt the designation of ________.
PsychotherapyCognitive behavioral therapyFamily therapyIntegrative psychotherapy

Question 8: Another ongoing study with cancer patients is with John Halpern at Harvard Medical School's McLean Hospital, but this study is with ________, more commonly known as Ecstasy.

Question 9: The use of psychedelic agents in Western therapy began in the 1950s, after the widespread distribution of LSD to researchers by its manufacturer, ________.
NestléHoffmann–La RocheSyngentaNovartis

Question 10: Psycholytic therapy was historically an important approach to psychedelic psychotherapy in ________, but it was also practiced in the United States by some psychotherapists including Betty Eisner.
BalkansEastern EuropeEuropeWestern Europe

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