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Psalm 137: Quiz


Question 1: By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, 1994 novel by ________.
The Devil and Miss PrymThe Alchemist (novel)Veronika Decides to DiePaulo Coelho

Question 2: The first verse was also used for Don McLean's song 'Babylon' on his ________ album American Pie

Question 3: Latin settings (Super Flumina Babylonis) by Palestrina (1525-1594) and ________ (1532-1594) for 4 voices.
Orlande de LassusMadrigal (music)Josquin des PrezJacob Clemens non Papa

Question 4: The second of the ________ (1901-1974) "Two Psalms" (1931) is "By the Rivers of Babylon" (1931/41), originally for adapted viola & intoning voice, with kithara and chromelodeon added in 1955.
Experimental musical instrumentHarry PartchSteve ReichMusical tuning

Question 5: The early lines of the poem are very well known, as they describe the sadness of the ________, asked to "sing the Lord's song in a foreign land".
JewsBlack Hebrew IsraelitesJewish ethnic divisionsIsraelites

Question 6: In the ________ (1902-1983) oratorio Belshazzar's Feast a version of the opening section is set to music, as if sung by the Israelite captives in Babylon.
William WaltonConstant LambertSergei ProkofievIgor Stravinsky

Question 7: 19th century French pianist-composer (1813-1888) ________'s "Super Flumina Babylonis" Op.
Franz LisztCharles-Valentin AlkanFelix MendelssohnFrédéric Chopin

Question 8: The rivers of ________ are the Euphrates river, its tributaries, and the Chebar river (possibly the river Habor, the Chaboras, or modern Khabour, which joins the Euphrates at Circesium).
MesopotamiaBabylonAkkadian EmpireBabylonia

Question 9: It was the inspiration for the famous slave chorus Va, pensiero from the ________ (1813-1901) opera Nabucco.
Felix MendelssohnHector BerliozGioachino RossiniGiuseppe Verdi

Question 10: During most of ________ it is read at Matins on Thursday and at the Third Hour on Friday, but during the fifth week of Great Lent it is read at Vespers on Tuesday evening and at the Third Hour on Friday.
Great LentGood FridayEasterPentecostarion


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