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Proxy war: Quiz


Question 1: It is hoped that these groups can strike an opponent without leading to full-scale ________.
Military strategyWarMilitary historyAerial warfare

Question 2: After ________ in 1990, it was discovered that the RAF had received financial and logistic support from the Stasi, the security and intelligence organization of East Germany.
Berlin WallEastern Bloc emigration and defectionGerman reunificationHelmut Kohl

Question 3: The Western-allied Greek government was nearly overthrown by Communist rebels with limited direct aid from Soviet ally or client states in Yugoslavia, ________, and Bulgaria.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaAlbaniaCroatiaSerbia

Question 4: The Rhodesian government organized and funded an anti-communist rebel group called Mozambique National Resistance, later RENAMO beginning the ________.
Mozambican Civil WarNon-Aligned MovementKorean WarAngolan Civil War

Question 5: The Western Allies eventually won, due largely to an ideological split between ________ and Tito.
Joseph StalinBoris YeltsinHarry S. TrumanWinston Churchill

Question 6: The conflict that started between the Second Spanish Republic and Francisco Franco's Nationalists soon involved Nazi Germany and ________ on the Nationalist side and the Soviet Union on the Spanish Republic's side.
FascismItalian FascismFascism and ideologyBenito Mussolini

Question 7: A famous conflict which exhibits patterns of a proxy war was the ________.
Spanish Civil War, 1936POUMSpanish Civil WarFrancisco Franco

Question 8: In Mozambique power was handed to the one liberation movement, ________.
Mozambique (Portugal)RENAMONational Convention Party (Mozambique)FRELIMO

Question 9: The Greek Communists managed to seize most of ________, but a strong government counterattack forced them back.

Question 10: It was only with the help of Cuban forces (see: ________) and Soviet support pouring in on the last days, that the MPLA held the capital and proclaimed independence.
Non-Aligned MovementCuban intervention in AngolaFidel CastroAngolan Civil War


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