Provisional Irish Republican Army: Quiz

Question 1: Mitrokhin revealed that although the Soviet ________ gave some weapons to the Marxist Official IRA, it had little sympathy with the Provisionals.
Berlin WallKGBEastern BlocIron Curtain

Question 2: 20–30 ________
Heavy machine gunMedium machine gunLewis GunBren light machine gun

Question 3: Marks turning point as Sinn Féin begins to move towards electoral politics (1981)
Omagh bombingBloody Sunday (1972)The TroublesMaze Prison escape

Question 4: The Provisionals maintained the principles of the pre-1969 IRA, considering British rule in Northern Ireland and the government of the Republic of Ireland to be illegitimate and that the IRA's Army Council was the legitimate government of the all-island ________.
Irish general election, 1918Irish Free StateIrish RepublicÉamon de Valera

Question 5: The ASU's weapons were controlled by a ________ under the direct control of the IRA leadership.
Military organizationQuartermasterSergeantBritish Army

Question 6: There are allegations that the early Provisional IRA received arms and funding from the Fianna Fáil-led ________ in 1969, resulting in the Arms trial.
Government of the United KingdomNorthern Ireland ExecutiveWelsh Assembly GovernmentGovernment of Ireland

Question 7: The hunger strike leader ________ and Anti H-Block activist Owen Carron were elected to the British Parliament, and two other protesting prisoners were elected to the Irish Dáil.
Bobby Sands1981 Irish hunger strikeMargaret ThatcherJackie McMullan

Question 8: [140] The former Force Research Unit and ________ operative using the pseudonym "Martin Ingram" concurs with "Kevin Fulton" and has alleged that Gerry Adams knew that Donaldson was an agent.
Defence Intelligence StaffSecret Intelligence ServiceMI5Government Communications Headquarters

Question 9: The phrase originated with the British military strategist ________ who was active in Northern Ireland during the early 1970s.
British ArmyFrank KitsonJohn Wilfred StanierLand Command

Question 10: It has been alleged that the IRA had a co-operative relationship with Basque militant group ________ since the early 1970s.
ETASpainBatasunaBasque nationalism

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