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Provinces of Sweden: Quiz


Question 1: Of the conquests made after the separation from the ________ in 1523 only some were incorporated as provinces.
Denmark–NorwayKalmar UnionUnion between Sweden and NorwayDenmark

Question 2: ________ was in personal union with Sweden from 1814 to 1905, but never became an integral part of Sweden.
NorwayUnited StatesGermanyPoland

Question 3: Until 1645 ________ and Halland were parts of Denmark.
ÖlandSaaremaaGotlandBaltic Sea

Question 4: Several of them were subdivisions of ________ until 1634, when they were replaced by the counties of Sweden (län).

Question 5: Some were conquered later on from ________.
Union between Sweden and NorwayDenmark–NorwaySwedenScandinavia

Question 6: The provinces of ________, landskap, are historical, geographical and cultural regions.

Question 7: Furthermore, until 1658 Blekinge and Scania were parts of Denmark and Bohuslän part of ________.
GermanyNorwayPolandUnited States


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