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Provinces of Mongolia: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is divided into 21 aimags (Mongolian: аймаг, sometimes translated to province[1]) and the capital, Ulaanbaatar.

Question 2: [2] The name aimag is derived from the Mongolian and ________ word for "tribe".
Turkic languagesMongolic languagesUralic languagesAltaic languages

Question 3: The Choibalsan Aimag was re-renamed to Dornod Aimag in 1963, and the capital ________ was split from Töv Aimag as a separate district.
BeijingUlan BatorMongoliaTehran

Question 4: During the ________, the territory of Outer Mongolia was divided (from east to west) into the Setsen Khan, Tüsheet Khan, Sain Noyon Khan, and Zasagt Khan aimags plus the Khovd area.
Qing DynastyYuan DynastyChinaMing Dynasty


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