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Provinces of Madagascar: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is divided into six "autonomous provinces" (faritany mizakatena):
MaldivesMadagascarMozambiqueSaint Helena

Question 2: With former president ________ back in power, the constitution was amended in 1998, to include and specifically mention six autonomous provinces, divided into undefined regions and communes.
Marc RavalomananaDidier RatsirakaAlbert ZafyNorbert Ratsirahonana

Question 3: Critics say that the hidden motivation was to make sure that Ratsiraka had a solid support from most of the provinces; his party AREMA won the provincial elections 2000 in all provinces except ________.
AntananarivoAlgiersAddis AbabaNairobi

Question 4: Faritany mizakatena (autonomous ________) (6)

Question 5: The law passed by the national assembly in 1994 defined three such entity levels: ________ (faritra), department (departemanta) and commune (kaominina).


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