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Question 1: The Republic of China, established in 1912, set up 4 more provinces in ________ and 2 provinces in historic Tibet, bringing the total to 28.
Inner MongoliaWuchuan County, Inner MongoliaManzhouliEvenk Autonomous Banner

Question 2: The Republic of China (ROC) controls Taiwan, as well as some offshore islands including Kinmen and Matsu, which form part of ________ province.

Question 3: 4 provinces were however lost with the establishment of the Japanese puppet state of ________ in Manchuria.
ManchukuoOuter ManchuriaNortheast ChinaYuan Dynasty

Question 4: ________ • Inner Mongolia • Ningxia • Tibet • Xinjiang
Pingxiang, GuangxiRongshui Miao Autonomous CountyGuangxiYizhou

Question 5: In the People's Republic of China, every province has a ________ provincial committee, headed by a secretary.
KuomintangMao ZedongDeng XiaopingCommunist Party of China

Question 6: By the time the Qing Dynasty was established, there were 18, all of which were in ________.
XinjiangBeijingChina properHebei

Question 7: Taiwan was made a province in 1887, but it was ceded to ________ in 1895.
CambodiaUnited KingdomJapanCanada

Question 8: Paracel Islands • Pratas Islands • Senkaku Islands • Spratly Islands • South Tibet • Taiwan, Kinmen & Matsu Islands (see ________)
Cross-Strait relationsLegal status of TaiwanPolitical status of TaiwanForeign relations of the Republic of China

Question 9: Outer regions of China (those beyond ________) were not divided into provinces.
BeijingChina properXinjiangHebei

Question 10: After the defeat of Japan in ________, Manchuria was reincorporated as 10 provinces, and control of Taiwan was assumed by the Republic of China.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese War


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