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Proverbs 31: Quiz


Question 1: Proverbs 31, in the ________ in the Hebrew Bible, describes how a "virtuous woman" should behave.
Books of ChroniclesSong of SongsPsalmsBook of Proverbs

Question 2: Traditionally it has been translated "virtuous" or "noble." Some scholars have suggested that it rather means "forceful," "mighty," or "valiant" because the use of the word in the ________ is almost exclusively used regarding warfare.
KetuvimNevi'imTanakhChristianity and Judaism

Question 3: This chapter is recited on Friday night, before ________ dinner in some Jewish homes.
ShabbatHebrew calendarJewish holidayPassover

Question 4: It is a praise of the good wife, a definition of a perfect wife or "ideal woman" in ________.


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