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Question 1: The name is a souvenir of the Moors (Maures in Old French), ________ and Berbers from North Africa, who settled on the coast of Provence in the 9th and 10th centuries.
Palestinian peopleSyriaIraqArab people

Question 2: At the beginning of the 16th century, ________ began to build a naval arsenal and dockyard at Toulon to serve as a base for a new French Mediterreanean fleet.
François GuizotArmand Marc, comte de MontmorinÉtienne François, duc de ChoiseulCardinal Richelieu

Question 3: In the 9th century, Arab pirates (Called Saracens by the French) and then the ________ invaded Provence.
NormansNormandyEnglandCnut the Great

Question 4: Although geologically part of the ________, is often considered to be separate from them, due to the lack of mountains of a similar height nearby.
Jura MountainsAlpsGeographyHimalayas

Question 5: ________ invaders and Berber pirates came from North Africa to the Coast of Provence in the beginning of the 7th century.
SyriaArab peopleIraqPalestinian people

Question 6: Production was nearly destroyed by the ________ and by the two wars, and only in 1946 was the region again producing fully.
PhylloxeraVitis viniferaEupoecilia ambiguellaVitis

Question 7: by colonists coming from Phocaea (now Foça, in modern Turkey) on the Aegean coast of ________, who were fleeing an invasion by the Persians.
Ottoman EmpireIstanbulTurkish peopleAnatolia

Question 8: He went to war with Austria in 1859 and won a victory at Solferino, which resulted in Austria ceding ________ to Piedmont, and, in return, Napoleon received Savoy and Nice in 1860, and Roquebrune and Menton in 1861.

Question 9: When the radical Montagnards seized power from the ________ in May 1793, a real counter-revolution broke out in Avignon, Marseille and Toulon.
GirondistNational ConventionMaximilien RobespierreGeorges Danton

Question 10: The ________, a tributary of the Rhône, has its source in the Alps near Briançon.


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