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Question 1: For example, the vaccina virus is regarded as the virus prototype of ________.
Virus diseasePoxviridaeRetrovirusAdenoviridae

Question 2:
What role did Mitchell Cox play in the movie Prototype?
Dr. Carl Forrester
Dr. Taurence Roberts
Gen. Keating

Question 3:
What role did Frances Sternhagen play in the movie Prototype?
Dr. Alexis Zalazny
Dorothy Forrester
Chandra Kerkorian

Question 4:
Who played Teague the movie Prototype?
Zack Nesis
Robert Tossberg
Mitchell Cox
Christopher Plummer

Question 5: In ________, prototypes or proto instances combine the most representative attributes of a category.
LinguisticsPragmaticsSemanticsFormal semantics

Question 6:
Who played Gen. Keating the movie Prototype?
Robert Tossberg
Arthur Hill
Paul Coulj
Harold Cannon

Question 7:
Who played Dr. Alexis Zalazny the movie Prototype?
Alley Mills
Frances Sternhagen
Brenda Swanson
Lane Lenhart

Question 8:
What role did Arthur Hill play in the movie Prototype?
Gen. Keating
Hawkins Coselow
Dr. Gene Pressman

Question 9:
What role did Alley Mills play in the movie Prototype?
Chandra Kerkorian
Dr. Rebecca Bishop
Dorothy Forrester

Question 10:
What role did Brenda Swanson play in the movie Prototype?
Chandra Kerkorian
Dorothy Forrester
Dr. Alexis Zalazny


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