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Protoplasm: Quiz


Question 1: In eukaryotes the protoplasm surrounding the ________ is known as the cytoplasm and that inside the nucleus as the nucleoplasm.
Cell nucleusEndomembrane systemMitochondrionCell (biology)

Question 2: [3] Unsurprisingly, attempts to investigate the ________ through the creation of synthetic "protoplasm" in the laboratory were not successful.
MetabolismHistory of the EarthAbiogenesisEvolutionary history of life

Question 3: In ________ the material inside the plasma membrane is the bacterial cytoplasm, while in gram-negative bacteria the region outside the plasma membrane but inside the outer membrane is the periplasm.
CyanobacteriaGram-positive bacteriaProkaryotePlanctomycetes

Question 4: [1] This term is not commonly used in modern ________.
Molecular biologyBiochemistryCell biologyGenetics

Question 5: Protoplasm is composed of a mixture of small molecules such as ions, ________, monosaccharides and water, and macromolecules such as nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and polysaccharides.
L-DOPAAmino acid synthesisAmino acidMetabolism

Question 6: Protoplasm is the living content of a cell that is surrounded by a ________.
Cell membraneVesicle (biology)Cell nucleusCell wall

Question 7: [5] Today, it is known that the cell contents are structurally very complex and contain multiple ________.
OrganelleCell (biology)MitochondrionCell nucleus

Question 8: In many ________ most of the volume of the cell is not occupied by protoplasm, but by "tonoplast," a large water filled vacuole enclosed by a membrane.
PlastidPlant cellChloroplastCell wall


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