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Proton emission: Quiz


Question 1: Proton emission is not seen in naturally-occurring isotopes; proton emitters can be produced via ________, usually utilising some kind of particle accelerator.
NeutronNuclear fissionNuclear reactionAtom

Question 2: In 2005 it was experimentally determined (at the same facility) that ________-54 can also undergo double proton decay.

Question 3: In 2002, the simultaneous emission of two protons was observed from the nucleus Iron-45 in experiments at GSI and GANIL (Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds, near ________).

Question 4: The study of proton emission has aided the understanding of nuclear deformation, masses and structure, and it is a wonderfully pure example of ________.
Schrödinger equationIntroduction to quantum mechanicsQuantum tunnellingQuantum mechanics

Question 5: Proton emission (also known as proton radioactivity) is a type of radioactive decay in which a ________ is ejected from a nucleus.


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