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Protoceratops: Quiz


Question 1: In 1971, a fossil was found that captured a ________ clutched around a Protoceratops in Mongolia.

Question 2: Protoceratops had large ________ (the holes for its eyes), which measured around 50 millimeters in diameter.
Lagrangian pointOrbital mechanicsOrbitOrbital elements

Question 3: The contemporary theropod ________ was thought to consume Protoceratops eggs due to the discovery of an Oviraptor skeleton present at a nest.

Question 4: Some researchers, including Peter Dodson[3] attribute the different sizes and shapes of these bones to ________ and the age of the specimen.
Human physiologySexual dimorphismSexual differentiationPuberty

Question 5: In the 1920s, Roy Chapman Andrews discovered the first known fossilized dinosaur eggs, in the ________ of Mongolia.
Taklamakan DesertOrdos DesertNamib DesertGobi Desert

Question 6: The fossils hail from the Djadochta Formation and date from the ________ stage of the Upper Cretaceous (83.5 to 70.6 million years ago).

Question 7: Researchers immediately noted the importance of the Protoceratops finds, and the genus was hailed as the "long-sought ancestor of ________".

Question 8: Shackelford discovered the first specimen of Protoceratops in the Gobi desert, (________, Inner Mongolia), as part of a 1922 American expedition looking for human ancestors.
GansuLinxia CityTianzhu Tibetan Autonomous CountyDunhuang

Question 9: In the 1920s, Roy Chapman Andrews discovered fossilized eggs in ________ that were interpreted as belonging to this dinosaur, but which turned out to be those of Oviraptor.

Question 10: In 2001, a second valid species, P. hellenikorhinus, was named from the Bayan Mandahu Formation in Inner Mongolia, China and also dates from the ________ stage of the Upper Cretaceous.


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