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Protocanonical books: Quiz


Question 1: The 27-book enumeration balances one-for-one the 27 canonical books of the ________.
GospelBiblical canonNew TestamentJesus

Question 2: For more information concerning the development of the New Testament canon, see the article ________.
BibleChristian biblical canonsBiblical canonNevi'im

Question 3: The 24-book enumeration was said to be represented by the 24 elders who throw their crowns before the Lamb in the ________.
2 EsdrasNew TestamentBook of DanielBook of Revelation

Question 4: The protocanonical books are those books of the Old Testament which were coextensive with the Hebrew Bible and which have always been considered canonical by almost all ________ throughout history.
Catholic ChurchChristianityJesusChristian

Question 5: ________ omitted Esther [6] from his list.
Cyril of AlexandriaAthanasius of AlexandriaEast–West SchismBasil of Caesarea

Question 6: The term protocanonical is often used to contrast these books to the ________ or apocrypha, which "were sometimes doubted"[1] in the early church.
Biblical canonDeuterocanonical booksNew TestamentOld Testament

Question 7: In his prologues, ________ [2] counted the same content as 22 books, combining Jeremiah with Lamentations and Judges with Ruth.
IrenaeusJustin MartyrJeromeEucharistic theologies contrasted


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