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Question 1: An ________ is used to mark reconstructed PIE words, such as *wódr̥ 'water', *ḱwṓn 'dog' (English hound), or *tréyes 'three (masculine)'.
AmpersandPercent signBracketAsterisk

Question 2: the 7th millennium BC in ________ (6th excluding the Anatolian branch), according to a 2003 glottochronological study;[4]
IstanbulTurkeyAnatoliaTurkish people

Question 3: Proto-Indo-European nouns were declined for eight or nine cases (nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, instrumental, ________, locative, vocative, and possibly a directive or allative).
Genitive caseComitative caseAblative caseAbessive case

Question 4: A more rarely mentioned proposal associates Indo-European with the ________ in a family called Proto-Pontic.
Ubykh languageKabardian languageNorthwest Caucasian languagesAbkhaz language

Question 5: the 5th millennium BC (4th excluding the Anatolian branch) in the Pontic-Caspian steppe, according to the popular ________;
Kurgan hypothesisProto-Indo-European Urheimat hypothesesProto-Indo-EuropeansCelts

Question 6: ________: *ei, *eu, *ēi, *ēu, *oi, *ou, *ōi, *ōu, (*ai, *au, *āi, *āu).
DiphthongPortuguese phonologyRomanian phonologyInternational Phonetic Alphabet

Question 7: the ________ (excluding the Anatolian branch) in Armenia, according to the Armenian hypothesis (proposed in the context of Glottalic theory);
4th millennium BC5th millennium BC7th millennium BC6th millennium BC

Question 8: Verbs were also marked by a highly developed system of ________, one for each combination of tense and mood, and an assorted array of verbal nouns and adjectival formations.
FrequentativeInfinitiveParticiplePreposition and postposition

Question 9: The existence of certain PIE typological features in ________ may hint at an early Sprachbund[5] or substratum that reached geographically to the PIE homelands.
Abkhaz languageKabardian languageNorthwest Caucasian languagesUbykh language

Question 10: the 6th millennium BC in India, according to ________'s Out of India model;
Koenraad ElstHindutvaHindu nationalismSita Ram Goel


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