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Proto-Indo-European Urheimat hypotheses: Quiz


Question 1: Wells suggests the origin, distribution and age of R1a1 points to an ancient migration, possibly corresponding to the spread by the ________ people in their expansion across the Eurasian steppe around 3000 BC.
Kurgan hypothesisRussiaKurganScythians

Question 2: The identity of the Proto-Indo-Europeans has been a recurring topic in ________ since the 19th century.
Indo-European studiesCeltsProto-Indo-European languageGermanic peoples

Question 3: These possibilities boil down to four competing basic models (with variations) that have ________ (Mallory (1997:106)), i.e.:
EmpiricismScientific methodScientific consensusParadigm

Question 4: Likewise, there is evidence of remaining matrilineal traditions among the ________.
PictsKenneth MacAlpinDál RiataScotland

Question 5: the 7th millennium BC in ________ (6th excluding the Anatolian branch), according to a 2003 glottochronological study;[4]
IstanbulAnatoliaTurkish peopleTurkey

Question 6: the 4th millennium BC (excluding the Anatolian branch) in ________, according to the Armenian hypothesis (proposed in the context of Glottalic theory);

Question 7: It states that the Indo-European languages spread peacefully into Europe from ________ from around 7000 BCE with the advance of farming (wave of advance).
IstanbulTurkish peopleAnatoliaTurkey

Question 8: before the 10th millennium BC, in the ________.
Kurgan hypothesisPaleolithic Continuity TheoryProto-Indo-European Urheimat hypothesesCelts

Question 9: This was not least due to the influence of the Journal of Indo-European Studies, edited by JP Mallory, that focused on the ideas of ________, and offered some improvements.
ArchaeologyVilniusMarija GimbutasKurgan hypothesis

Question 10: Baltic hypothesis: Mesolithic to Neolithic (Ertebølle to ________, 6th to 3rd millennia BC)
Corded Ware cultureComb Ceramic cultureFunnelbeaker cultureLinear Pottery culture


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