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Proto-Greek language: Quiz


Question 1: Graeco-Aryan has little support among linguists, since both geographical and temporal distribution of Greek and Indo-Iranian fit well with the ________ of Proto-Indo-European.
Proto-Indo-EuropeansCeltsProto-Indo-European Urheimat hypothesesKurgan hypothesis

Question 2: The unity of Proto-Greek would have ended as Hellenic migrants, speaking the predecessor of the ________, entered the Greek peninsula either around the 21st century BC, or in the 17th century BC at the latest.
Ancient GreekGreek languageLinear BMycenaean Greek language

Question 3: Most scholars would include the fragmentary ________, either as descended from an earlier "Proto-Hellenic" language, or by definition including it among the descendants of Proto-Greek as a Hellenic language and/or a Greek dialect.
Ancient GreekAlexander the GreatDoric GreekAncient Macedonian language

Question 4: The characteristically Greek representation of word-initial laryngeals by prothetic vowels is shared by the ________, which also shares other phonological and morphological peculiarities of Greek.
Armenian languageArmeniansArmenian Apostolic ChurchArmenian diaspora

Question 5: [1] Proto-Greek would have been spoken in the late ________, most probably in the Balkans.
25th century BC3rd millennium BC4th millennium BC2nd millennium BC

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