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Question 1: Other protists can engulf bacteria and digest them internally, by extending their ________ around the food material to form a food vacuole.
Vesicle (biology)Cell membraneCell (biology)Cell nucleus

Question 2: Many protists, such as the ________, are photosynthetic and are vital primary producers in ecosystems, particularly in the ocean as part of the plankton.
AlgaeWild fisheriesCell wallPlant

Question 3: [4] The kingdom of minerals was later removed from taxonomy by ________, leaving plants, animals, and the protists as a “kingdom of primitive forms”.
Ernst HaeckelRelationship between religion and scienceMircea EliadeFriedrich Nietzsche

Question 4: Protists (pronounced /ˈproʊtɨst/) are a diverse group of ________ microorganisms.

Question 5: This is then taken into the cell via ________ (usually phagocytosis; sometimes pinocytosis).
PotocytosisEndocytosisReceptor-mediated endocytosisEfferocytosis

Question 6: Some species, for example ________, have extremely complex life cycles that involve multiple forms of the organism, some of which reproduce sexually and others asexually.
Plasmodium ovaleMalariaPlasmodium falciparumPlasmodium vivax

Question 7: In flagellates, for example, ________ may sometimes occur where the flagella find the prey.
Bottom feederFilter feederPaedophagyLepidophagy

Question 8: [7] The kingdom Protista was later modified to separate ________ into the separate kingdom of Monera, leaving the protists as a group of eukaryotic microorganisms.
BacteriaCyanobacteriaGram-positive bacteriaProkaryote

Question 9: The protists do not have much in common besides a relatively simple organization[3] — either they are ________, or they are multicellular without specialized tissues.

Question 10: Some protists are significant pathogens of both ________ and plants.


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