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Question 1: The separation of the ________ and Church of Ireland from Rome under King Henry VIII did not take a Protestant form.
Archbishop of YorkArchbishop of CanterburyChurch of EnglandBishop of Lincoln

Question 2: Armenian Apostolic of Am.
Armenian Apostolic Diocese of Am.
Greek Orthodox Church of JerusalemCoptic Orthodox Church of AlexandriaEcumenical Patriarchate of ConstantinopleCoptic history

Question 3: Anglican Church of Canada
Polish National Catholic Church
Roman Catholic Church
Homosexuality and AnglicanismAnglican realignmentAnglicanismAnglican Church in North America

Question 4: In reaction to liberal Bible critique, ________ arose in the twentieth century, primarily in the United States, among those denominations most affected by Evangelicalism.

Question 5: Christian Outreach Centre  • site
________ • nth , sth
British Moravian Church • site
Salvation Army  • site
Seventh-day Adventist Church  • site
Wesleyan Holiness Church • site
MethodismUnited Methodist ChurchChurch of the NazareneHistory of the Church of the Nazarene

Question 6: ________, successor of Zwingli, leading reformed theologian.
Heinrich BullingerMartin BucerHuldrych ZwingliProtestant Reformation

Question 7: In the view of many associated with the Radical Reformation, the Magisterial Reformation had not gone far enough, with radical reformer, Andreas von Bodenstein Karlstadt, for example, referring to the Lutheran theologians at ________ as the "new papists".

Question 8: Jacobus Arminius, Dutch theologian, founder of school of thought known as ________.
Christian theologyArminianismMethodismChristianity

Question 9: John Calvin, French theologian, Reformer and resident of ________, he founded the school of theology known as Calvinism.

Question 10: National Baptist Convention of America
National Missionary Baptist Convention of America
Progressive National Baptist Convention
American Baptist Churches USACooperative Baptist FellowshipNational Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.American Baptist Association

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