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Protestant views on Mary: Quiz


Question 1: Dogmas and Doctrines
Mother of GodPerpetual virginity________Assumption
Immaculate ConceptionIneffabilis DeusRoman Catholic MariologyBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)

Question 2: A Warm Protestant Welcome for Mary, from ________
National ReviewThe AtlanticU.S. News & World ReportNewsweek

Question 3: ________ said Mary is "the highest woman", that "we can never honour her enough", that "the veneration of Mary is inscribed in the very depths of the human heart" and that Christians should "wish that everyone know and respect her".
Martin LutherLutheranismProtestant ReformationPhilipp Melanchthon

Question 4: The designation ________ (in Greek, Θεοτόκος) or "Mother of God" for Mary emerged in the Church of Alexandria and was later adopted by the patristic-era universal Church at the Council of Ephesus in 431.
Blessed Virgin MaryTheotokosBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Roman Catholic Mariology

Question 5: Barth also agreed with the Dogma of the ________.
Mary (mother of Jesus)Chronology of JesusVirgin birth of JesusJesus

Question 6: [citation needed] A newer and controversial Protestant view of Mary, emerging out of the Evangelical movement, sees Mary as a "subversive", "dangerous" and radically ________ woman.
ChristianChristianityJesusCatholic Church

Question 7: Thus the idea of respect and high honour was not rejected by the first Protestants; the practical implications for ________ are still a matter of debate.
Immaculate ConceptionMariologyRoman Catholic MariologyBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)

Question 8: Catholic Mariology
MariologyHistory of MariologyPapal teachings________
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Immaculate ConceptionMariology of the saintsMother of the Church

Question 9: [6] Regarding the ________, he stated, that the Bible did not say anything about it.
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Roman Catholic MariologyImmaculate ConceptionAssumption of Mary

Question 10: Regarding Mary’s virginity after birth, Barth argued that the Church adopted this position not because of Mary but in defence of its ________.
ChristologyChristian theologyBiblical canonTrinity


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