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Question 1: A polypeptide chain has one ________ coding for it – meaning that a protein must have one gene for each unique subunit.

Question 2: Many naturally-occurring proteins and ________ are multimeric.
Enzyme inhibitorCofactor (biochemistry)Adenosine triphosphateEnzyme

Question 3: A second method of subunit vaccine is the ________, which involves putting a protein gene from the targeted virus into another virus.
Antiviral drugAntibioticVaccineAntihypertensive drug

Question 4: Examples include: oligomeric: hemoglobin, ________, nucleosomes and multimeric: ion channels, microtubules and other cytoskeleton proteins.
DNA polymeraseTelomeraseReverse transcriptaseDNA polymerase I

Question 5: This is the type of vaccine currently in use for hepatitis, and it is experimentally popular, being used to try to develop new vaccines for difficult to vaccinate viruses such as ________ and HIV.
Dengue feverEbolaYellow feverMarburg virus

Question 6: In structural biology, a protein subunit or subunit protein is a single protein ________ that assembles (or "coassembles") with other protein molecules to form a protein complex: a multimeric or oligomeric protein.

Question 7: One subunit is made of one ________ chain.
BremelanotideMelanotan IIPeptideAfamelanotide

Question 8: In some protein assemblies, one subunit may be referred to as a "regulatory subunit" and another as a "catalytic subunit." An enzyme composed of both regulatory and catalytic subunits when assembled is often referred to as a ________.
Enzyme inhibitorCofactor (biochemistry)Adenosine triphosphateEnzyme

Question 9: For example, ________ has a type of subunit called α.
MitochondrionATPaseATP synthaseCytochrome c oxidase


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