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Question 1: In reality, almost all ________ application programs violated these rules.
DOSMS-DOSFile Allocation TableCP/M

Question 2: The 8086, the predecessor to the 286, was originally designed with a 20-________ memory address bus.
ByteBitRecord (computer science)Character (computing)

Question 3: It allows system software to utilize features such as virtual memory, paging, safe multi-tasking, and other features designed to increase an operating system's control over ________.
Application softwareComputer softwareOpenOffice.orgMicrosoft Office

Question 4: Despite such potential setbacks, ________ and its successors can take advantage of the binary compatibility with real mode to run many Windows 2.x applications, which run in real mode in Windows 2.x, in protected mode.
Windows 3.1xWindows 9xWindows 1.0Microsoft Windows

Question 5: Paging also allows for pages to be moved out of primary storage and onto a slower and larger secondary storage, such as a ________.
USB flash driveHard disk driveUniversal Serial BusFloppy disk

Question 6: An example of such a compromise can be seen with the release of ________, which dropped backwards compatibility for many DOS applications.
Windows 9xWindows NTOS/2Microsoft Windows

Question 7: Programs that require segment manipulation, privileged instructions, direct hardware access, or use ________ will generate an exception and not be executable.
Assembly languageAlgorithmic efficiencySelf-modifying codeControl table

Question 8: Operating systems like ________ 1.x try to switch the processor between protected and real modes.
Microsoft WindowsWindows 9xOS/2MS-DOS

Question 9: [4] Protected mode may only be entered after the system software sets up several descriptor tables and enables the Protection Enable (PE) ________ in the Control Register 0 (CR0).
BitRecord (computer science)ByteCharacter (computing)

Question 10: [29] The x86 architecture allows control of pages through two arrays: page directories and ________.
Memory management unitTranslation lookaside bufferOperating systemPage table

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