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Question 1: [1] By contrast, as of 2 February 2009, only 0.8 of one percent of the world's oceans are included in the world's ~5000 ________.
Ocean fisheriesWild fisheriesMarine Protected AreaCetacean bycatch

Question 2: A protected area, when using the ________ (IUCN) definition, is:
International Union for Conservation of NatureConservation statusEndangered speciesExtinction

Question 3: The term protected area includes ________, which refers to protected areas whose boundaries include some area of ocean.
Marine Protected AreaOcean fisheriesCetacean bycatchWild fisheries

Question 4: Protect Planet Ocean: The only place on the web dedicated to bringing all aspects of ________ to your desktop
Wild fisheriesMarine Protected AreaOcean fisheriesCetacean bycatch

Question 5: Globally, national programs for the protection of representative ecosystems have progressed with respect to terrestrial environments, with less progress in marine and freshwater ________.
Temperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublandsDeserts and xeric shrublandsTemperate broadleaf and mixed forestsBiome


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