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Protease-activated receptor: Quiz


Question 1: PARs are activated by the action of ________ such as thrombin (acts on PARs 1, 3 and 4) and trypsin (PAR 2).
Cathepsin GSerine proteaseReelinFactor XI

Question 2: Protease-activated receptors are a subfamily of related ________ that are activated by cleavage of part of their extracellular domain.
Membrane receptorOlfactory receptorG protein-coupled receptorReceptor (biochemistry)

Question 3: Thrombin signalling in ________ contributes to hemostasis and thrombosis.
Red blood cellBloodBlood plasmaPlatelet

Question 4: They are highly expressed in ________, but also on endothelial cells, myocytes and neurons.
Red blood cellBlood plasmaBloodPlatelet

Question 5: Most of the PAR family act through the actions of ________ i (cAMP inhibitory), 12/13 (Raf/Ras activation) and q (calcium signalling) to cause cellular actions.
Plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPaseGTPaseG proteinRas (protein)

Question 6: [2] These ________ cleave the N-terminus of the receptor, which in turn acts as a tethered ligand.
Enzyme inhibitorEnzymeProteinCofactor (biochemistry)

Question 7: These receptors are members of the seven transmembrane ________ superfamily, and are expressed throughout the body.
G protein-coupled receptorOlfactory receptorReceptor (biochemistry)Membrane receptor


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