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Proteales: Quiz


Question 1: Proteales is the botanical name of an order of ________.
GymnospermFlowering plantEmbryophyteFern

Question 2: Nelumbonaceae (lotus)
Platanaceae (plane trees)

Question 3: The origins of the order are clearly ancient, with evidence of diversification in the mid ________, over 100 million years ago.
Geologic time scaleCretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventDinosaurCretaceous

Question 4: This represents a slight change from the ________, of 1998, which firmly did accept family Platanaceae as separate, using this circumscription of the order:
DicotyledonAPG systemAPG II systemEudicots

Question 5: Well-known members of Proteales include the proteas of South Africa, the ________ and macadamias of Australia, the London plane, and the sacred lotus.
Banksia integrifoliaBanksia browniiBanksia ericifoliaBanksia

Question 6: The Wettstein system, last revised in 1935, also recognized this order and placed it in the Monochlamydeae in subclass Choripetalae of class ________.
Thorne system (1992)Cronquist systemDahlgren systemDicotyledon

Question 7: The Engler system, in its update of 1964, also recognized this order and placed it in subclass Archichlamydeae of class ________.
Dahlgren systemDicotyledonCronquist systemThorne system (1992)

Question 8: The ________ and Thorne system (1992) recognized such an order and placed it in superorder Proteanae in subclass Magnoliidae [=dicotyledons].
LilialesRosalesAsparagalesDahlgren system

Question 9: The ________, of 1981, recognized such an order and placed it in subclass Rosidae in class Magnoliopsida [=dicotyledons].
APG III systemCronquist systemViolalesRosales

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