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Question 1: Socrates' uses a similar example in the ________.
MenoPlatoLaches (dialogue)Apology (Plato)

Question 2: In addition to Protagoras himself, there are Hippias of Elis and ________.

Question 3: Two of the sons of ________ are said to be there, Paralus and Xanthippus.

Question 4: The main argument is between the elderly Protagoras, a celebrated sophist, and ________.

Question 5: Protagoras does not deny being a sophist, and claims that it is an ancient and honorable art, the same art practiced by Homer and ________.
DemosthenesHesiodAnaximanderAncient Greece

Question 6: The discussion takes place at the home of Callias, who is host to Protagoras while he is in town, and concerns the teachability of ________.
VirtueMoralityConscienceGood and evil

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