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Prostitution in ancient Greece: Quiz


Question 1: We know this because of a hymn which ________ was commissioned to write (fragment 122 Snell), celebrating "the very welcoming girls, servants of Peïtho and luxurious Corinth" [11].
Ancient GreecePindarAeschylusDemosthenes

Question 2: The presence of a winged demon, fruits, plants and an altar may also indicate that this could have been a ritual banquet held in honour of a fertility deity such as Artemis Orthia or ________ Hyacinthius.
HermesApolloGreek mythologyHera

Question 3: Herodotus does not believe this, but describes a very costly epigraph erected by her at ________ (II, 134–135).
EpidaurusDelphiAthensOlympia, Greece

Question 4: The young man became a follower of Socrates and gave his name to the ________ dialogue, which relates the last hours of Socrates[21].
PlatoPhaedoSymposium (Plato)Phaedrus (dialogue)

Question 5: Another reason for resorting to prostitutes was sexual taboo: ________ was considered degrading by the Greeks.
FellatioCunnilingusOral sexSexual intercourse

Question 6: It was far from being clandestine; cities did not condemn ________, and they existed in plain view.
United StatesForced prostitutionBrothelProstitution

Question 7: Pornai were usually employed in brothels located in "red-light" districts of the period, such as ________ (port of Athens) or the Kerameikon in Athens.

Question 8: Even if the truth of all of the historical anecdotes is somewhat dubious, it is quite clear that the Athenians considered prostitution to be part of their ________.
John LockeDemocracyGottfried LeibnizAuthoritarianism

Question 9: They also used ________, apparently quite outrageously.
NiveaL'OréalHair removalCosmetics

Question 10: In the case of ________, the cuckold had the legal right to kill the offender if caught in the act; the same went for rape.

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