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Prostitution in Russia: Quiz


Question 1: For example, in alcoholics' parlance, a "tochka" is a place where ________ is sold.)
Alcoholic beverageWineVodkaAbsinthe

Question 2: The report adds that some studies claim approximately 20 per cent to 25 per cent of ________'s sex workers are minors.

Question 3: ________ in Russia is illegal, but is not a serious crime.
Prostitution by countrySex and the lawSexual ethicsProstitution

Question 4: "Tochka" (точка) is a popular euphemism for an outdoor market for prostitutes in ________ and other large Russian cities, a word literally meaning 'point' or 'location' in Russian.

Question 5: By the late 19th century, prostitution was legal in the ________.
British EmpireRussian EmpireOttoman EmpireGolden Horde

Question 6: Prostitution in Russia became common after ________'s military reforms that created a sizable class of unmarried men who were serving in military.
Nicholas II of RussiaAlexis of RussiaPeter I of RussiaCatherine II of Russia

Question 7: Prostitution has been illegal in Russia since the establishment of the ________.
Joseph StalinEast GermanySoviet UnionEastern Bloc

Question 8: A large case of forced prostitution and mass murder was uncovered in 2007 near the industrial town of ________.
Nizhny TagilYekaterinburgPervouralskSerov (town)

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