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Prostitution in Brazil: Quiz


Question 1: Brazil is considered to have the worst child sex trafficking record after ________ [9].
MalaysiaPapua New GuineaCambodiaThailand

Question 2: government required all recipients to sign an ________.
Alliance for Open Society InternationalGeorge W. BushAnti-prostitution pledgeAbortion

Question 3: The Brazilian government is increasingly frustrated with the fact that a number of foreign tourists travel to Brazil for sex tourism,[11] including ________.
Child sex tourismMiscegenationProstitution of childrenSodomy law

Question 4: In 2002, pressure by the sex worker organization ________ contributed to the Brazilian Ministry of Labor adding "sex worker" to an official list of occupations.
Rio de JaneiroSão PauloDavidaParis

Question 5: High numbers of Brazilian prostitutes are found in some regions of the United States and Western Europe, including Portugal, Spain, ________ and the United Kingdom.

Question 6: In 2003, it was estimated that about 6% of Brazilian prostitutes were infected with ________.
AIDSSafe sexHIV and AIDS misconceptionsHIV

Question 7: Because of information campaigns, ________ use among prostitutes is high.
CondomMasturbationBirth controlSexual abstinence

Question 8: In ________, prostitution itself (exchanging sex for money) is legal, as there are no laws forbidding adult prostitution,[1] however it is illegal to operate a brothel or to employ prostitutes in any other way.
MozambiquePortugalEast TimorBrazil

Question 9: The phenomenon is closely related with high levels of poverty and ________ in the country.
Partially ordered setInequalityAdditionReal number

Question 10: ________ in Brazil is widespread and a serious problem.
Child sex tourismProstitution of childrenSodomy lawMiscegenation

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