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Prostate-specific antigen: Quiz


Question 1: Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is a protein produced by the cells of the ________ gland.
Seminal vesiclePenisReproductive systemProstate

Question 2: PSA is normally present in the ________ at very low levels.
PlateletRed blood cellBloodBlood plasma

Question 3: PSA levels can be also increased by prostate infection, irritation, ________ (BPH), and recent ejaculation,[19][20] producing a false positive result.
ProstaglandinBenign prostatic hyperplasiaYohimbineAlpha-1 blocker

Question 4: It is a serine protease (EC enzyme, the gene of which is located on the nineteenth ________ (19q13).
KaryotypeAutosomeChromosomal translocationChromosome

Question 5: PSA is present in small quantities in the serum of normal men, and is often elevated in the presence of ________ and in other prostate disorders.
TeratomaICD-10 Chapter II: NeoplasmsTesticular cancerProstate cancer

Question 6: However, prostate cancer can also be present in the complete absence of an elevated PSA level, in which case the test result would be a ________.
Null hypothesisBayesian inferenceStatistical hypothesis testingType I and type II errors

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