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Question 1: A prostaglandin is any member of a group of lipid compounds that are derived enzymatically from fatty acids and have important functions in the ________ body.

Question 2: To prevent and treat ________ (PGE)
Peptic ulcerBacillary dysenteryCampylobacteriosisEnterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

Question 3: In treatment of glaucoma (as in ________ ophthalmic solution, a synthetic prostamide analog with ocular hypotensive activity)

Question 4: The lipoxygenase enzyme pathway is inactive in ________ and in macrophages and synthesizes leukotrienes.
Neutrophil granulocyteEosinophil granulocyteWhite blood cellPhagocyte

Question 5: The prostaglandins, together with the thromboxanes and ________, form the prostanoid class of fatty acid derivatives.

Question 6: The name prostaglandin derives from the ________.
Reproductive systemPenisProstateSeminal vesicle

Question 7: The cyclooxygenase pathway produces thromboxane, ________ and prostaglandin D, E and F.

Question 8: ________ smooth muscle contraction
Ascending cholangitisPeritonitisHuman gastrointestinal tractColorectal cancer

Question 9: The release of prostaglandin has now also been shown to be mediated by a specific transporter, namely the multidrug resistance protein 4 (MRP4, ABCC4), a member of the ________ superfamily.
Na-K-Cl cotransporterATP-binding cassette transporterABCA4P-glycoprotein

Question 10: A third form of COX, termed COX-3 is thought to exist in the ________ and may be associated with relief of Headaches when on NSAID therapy.
BrainNervous systemDigestionSensory system

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