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Prosopis glandulosa: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ are eaten by a variety of animals, such as Scaled Quail.
FruitFlowering plantSeedPlant

Question 2: It ________ from March to November with pale, yellow, elongated spikes and bears straight, yellow seedpods.
FlowerPollinationFruitFlowering plant

Question 3: glandulosa (Torr.) Standl., ________ var.
Prosopis julifloraMimoseaeProsopis glandulosaMesquite

Question 4: It is native to the southwestern United States and ________,[1] but has been introduced to at least a half-dozen other countries.

Question 5: This species of mesquite, known as haas (pronounced [ʔaːs]) by the Seri people of northwestern ________, was very important for food and non-food uses.
United StatesMexicoNicaraguaPhilippines

Question 6: The IUCN considers it as one of the world's 100 worst ________.
Invasive speciesIntroduced speciesBiodiversityExtinction

Question 7: Prosopis glandulosa, commonly known as Honey Mesquite, is a species of small to medium-sized flowering tree in the legume family, ________.

Question 8: Honey Mesquite ________ due to latent buds underground, making permanent removal difficult.


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