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Proprioception: Quiz


Question 1: The proprioceptive sense is believed to be composed of information from ________ located in the inner ear (motion and orientation) and in the stretch receptors located in the muscles and the joint-supporting ligaments (stance).
OlfactionSensory nerveNociceptorSensory neuron

Question 2: Kinesthesia is a key component in muscle memory and ________, and training can improve this sense (see blind contour drawing).
Eye–hand coordinationVisual perceptionBalint's syndromeSaccade

Question 3: It can also occur in those that gain new levels of flexibility, stretching, and ________.
ContortionPatent medicineHypermobilityJoint dislocation

Question 4: The ________ uses the study of movement to enhance kinesthetic judgment of effort and location.
HerbalismAlexander techniqueHomeopathyAcupuncture

Question 5: Similar effects can sometimes occur during ________ or migraine auras.
Lafora diseaseEpilepsyGeneralised epilepsyPartial seizure

Question 6: These effects are presumed to arise from abnormal stimulation of the part of the parietal cortex of the ________ involved with integrating information from different parts of the body.
DigestionNervous systemSensory systemBrain

Question 7: Temporary impairment of proprioception has also been known to occur from an overdose of ________ (pyridoxine and pyridoxamine).
Vitamin B12Pyridoxal phosphateB vitaminsVitamin B6

Question 8: Later she relearned by using her sight (watching her feet) and ________ only for movement while using hearing to judge voice modulation.
Inner earSemicircular canalMiddle earCochlea

Question 9: Touch/mechanoreceptors: Pacinian corpuscles – vibration • Meissner's corpuscles – light touch • Merkel's discs – pressure • Ruffini endings - stretch • Free nerve endings – pain • ________ • Baroreceptor
Alpha motor neuronHair cellGrey matterWhite matter

Question 10: ________ trains reaction time, spatial location, and efficient movement.
BuskingComedyJugglingFire dancing


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