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Question 1:
How is Propranolol excreted?
Renal: 93%
renal <1%
urine , feces

Question 2:
What is the elimination half life of Propranolol?
4-16 days
3-4 hours , 6-13 hours
4-5 hours
Average 3 to 4 hours

Question 3: ________ slows down the metabolism of propranolol significantly leading to increased blood levels of propranolol.

Question 4: Propranolol along with a number of other membrane-acting drugs have been investigated for possible effects on ________ and so the treatment of malaria.
CryptosporidiosisPlasmodium ovalePlasmodium vivaxPlasmodium falciparum

Question 5:
What is the chemical name of Propranolol (IUPAC)

Question 6: ________ of patients with brain injuries[6]
TestosteroneAggressionMajor urinary proteinsEstradiol

Question 7: In 1988, he was awarded the ________ for this discovery.
Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineSalvador LuriaBarbara McClintockStanley Cohen (biochemist)

Question 8: Intravenous (IV) propranolol may be used in acute ________ or thyrotoxic crisis.
Supraventricular tachycardiaMyocardial infarctionCardiac dysrhythmiaAtrial fibrillation

Question 9: This also apparently eliminated the ________ found with pronethalol in animal models.

Question 10: ________ or hyperthyroidism, since signs and symptoms of hypoglycaemia may be masked.
Diabetes mellitusDiabetic ketoacidosisDiabetic retinopathyDiabetes mellitus type 1

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