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Question 1: The advantage of counter-rotating propellers is to balance out the effects of ________ and p-factor, eliminating the problem of the critical engine.
EnergyAngular momentumForceTorque

Question 2: When a blade tip becomes supersonic, drag and torque resistance increase suddenly and ________ form creating a sharp increase in noise.
Explosive materialSunMoving shockShock wave

Question 3: Following ________, automatic propellers were developed to maintain an optimum angle of attack.
Second Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISoviet occupations

Question 4: Increasing the number of blades also decreases the amount of work each blade is required to perform, limiting the local ________ - a significant performance limit on propellers.
Reynolds numberMach numberFluid dynamicsKnudsen number

Question 5: The most modern propeller designs use high-technology ________.
Composite materialCarbon fiber-reinforced polymerFiber reinforced concretePolyester

Question 6: The propeller is usually attached to the ________ of a piston engine, either directly or through a reduction unit.
Connecting rodCrankshaftOil pump (internal combustion engine)Two-stroke engine

Question 7: Counter-rotating propellers, are found on twin-, and multi-engine, propeller-driven ________ and have propellers that spin in opposite directions.
Double-deck aircraftAircraftWide-body aircraftBusiness jet

Question 8: ________ was another early pioneer, having designed propellers before the Wright Brothers (albeit not as efficient) for his airships.
São Paulo (state)Alberto Santos-DumontSão PauloAircraft

Question 9: Aircraft propellers convert rotary motion from piston engines or ________ to provide propulsive force.

Question 10: They found that a propeller is essentially the same as a ________ and so were able to use data collated from their earlier wind tunnel experiments on wings.
WingWingtip deviceFlightLeading edge slats


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