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Question 1: Liquid oxygen and kerosene or ________
GasolinePetroleumLiquid-fuel rocketRP-1

Question 2: The controlled burning of the propellant composition usually produces thrust by gas pressure and can ________ a projectile, rocket, or other vehicle.

Question 3: Some amateur propellants use potassium nitrate, combined with sugar, ________, or other fuels / binder compounds.

Question 4: In ________ cans, the propellant is simply a pressurized gas in equilibrium with its liquid (at its saturated vapour pressure).
Nitrous oxideChlorofluorocarbonAerosol sprayInhalant

Question 5: ________ and alcohol or RP-1
ChlorhexidineHydrogen peroxideAntisepticEthanol

Question 6: Propellants that explode in operation are of little practical use currently, although there have been experiments with ________.
ScramjetAurora (aircraft)Pulse detonation engineAir Force Research Laboratory

Question 7: In ballistics and ________, a propellant is a generic name for chemicals used for propelling projectiles from guns and other firearms.
FireworksThe UndertakerExplosive materialPyrotechnics

Question 8: Potassium perchlorate has been used as an oxidizer, paired with ________, epoxy, and other binders.

Question 9: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Intellectual propertyCopyrightCopyright infringementPublic domain

Question 10: Common chemical propellants consist of a fuel; like ________, jet fuel, rocket fuel, and an oxidizer.
Diesel fuelFilling stationInternal combustion engineGasoline


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