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Proof (rapper): Quiz


Question 1:
What was Proof (rapper)'s birth name?
Sherri Kay DuPree
Christie Michelle DuPree
Deshaun Dupree Holton
Chauntelle Annette DuPree

Question 2: Proof's ________ at the time of his death was .32 percent, four times the level that qualifies someone for a drunken driving conviction; he had no other drugs in his system.
Blood alcohol contentUnited StatesUnited KingdomCanada

Question 3:
What is the origin of Proof (rapper)?

Question 4:
When did Proof (rapper) die?

Question 5:
Which of the following genres does Proof (rapper) produce?

Question 6: [5]) Another song possibly meant for the album was "________", which can be found on Proof's mixtape I Miss The Hip Hop Shop.
John Young (astronaut)Jim LovellPete ConradNeil Armstrong

Question 7: He was a close associate of hip hop star ________.
EminemThe Marshall Mathers LPShady RecordsEminem discography

Question 8: His first television appearance was in the ________ music video for "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number".
AaliyahTry AgainAaliyah discographyAaliyah (album)

Question 9: In 2000, Proof toured along with Eminem, ________ and Snoop Dogg in the Up In Smoke Tour as a hype man rapper for Eminem.
Dr. Dre discographyAftermath EntertainmentThe ChronicDr. Dre

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