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Pronunciation: Quiz


Question 1: Phones as components of articulation are usually described using the ________ (IPA).
International Phonetic AlphabetVelar nasalX-SAMPAVoiceless alveolar fricative

Question 2: The branch of ________ which studies these units of sound is phonetics.

Question 3: Phones which play the same role are grouped together into classes called ________; the study of these is phonemics or phonematics or phonology.
International Phonetic AlphabetPhonemeEnglish orthographyEnglish language

Question 4: Syllables are counted as units of sound (phones) that they use in their ________.

Question 5: If someone is said to have "correct pronunciation," then it refers to both within a particular ________.
German languageDialectEnglish languageDialect continuum

Question 6: Pronunciation refers to the way a word or a ________ is spoken, or the manner in which someone utters a word.

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