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Question 1: If habits develop, this action can lead to foot pain as well as knee pain, shin splints, achilles tendinitis, posterior tibial tendinitis, ________, and plantar fasciitis.
Complex regional pain syndromeSciaticaPiriformis syndromeMeralgia paraesthetica

Question 2: [1][2] For the forearm, when standing in the ________, pronation will move the palm of the hand from an anterior-facing position to a posterior-facing position without an associated movement at the shoulder (glenohumeral joint).
AnatomyEyeDigestionAnatomical terms of location

Question 3: In anatomy, pronation is a rotational movement of the forearm at the radioulnar joint, or of the ________ at the subtalar and talocalcaneonavicular joints.
Crus (lower leg)Human legFootLower limb


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